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"The Island" generates sympathy for a cow - CinemaDave

Jul. 27th, 2005 06:49 am "The Island" generates sympathy for a cow

The intelligence of the scientific arguments is what
drives "The Island." Good science fiction is
metaphor based on what could happen. While "The
Island" has been promoted as an action adventure movie
about cloning, it is actually an animal rights movie.

The film takes the point of view of clones. These
clones are being harvested for their owners who want
to prolong their own life. Substitute a clone for a cow
being bred for the slaughterhouse and one immediately has
sympathy for a cow.

It to too bad that the action sequences are so poorly
directed that one gets bored by manic editing,
unfocused camera work featuring drawn out fist fights
and futuristic car chases. The ensemble cast do their
best to create the futuristic world of 2017, but much
like Steven Spielberg/Tom Cruise’s original
collaboration in "Minority Report," this film’s
conclusion relies on clichés to end the narrative.

Given the excitement of America's return to space
flight this weekend, perhaps science fact motion
pictures will be in vogue soon. On September 23, the
Fort Lauderdale Museum of Discovery plans of
presenting "Magnificent Desolation: Walking on the
Moon in 3D," a documentary produced by Tom Hanks.
Until then, keep watching the skies….

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