CinemaDave (cinemadave) wrote,

Anne Bancroft, good to the last laugh

A few months ago, I got to see Morgan Fairchild naked.
She was in the stage show of "The Graduate" and she looks great.
However she could not save an overrated stage show of a successful 1960s motion picture.

Anne Bancroft played the legendary Mrs. Robinson in a film that made Dustin Hoffman a star. Earlier in her career Bancroft earned an Oscar at "The Miracle Worker" and she made some funny comedies like "The Prisoner of 2nd Avenue," "Silent Movie" and "To Be or Not to Be." The latter two movies were produced and directed by her husband Mel Brooks.

Bancroft averaged one film a year to spend more time with her family. Her last performance will be a vocal performance in "Delgo," an all star science fiction animated adventure due to release in 2006. Her friend and dining partner Dom DeLuise made the following statement from his monthly newsletter;

"It is with a heavy heart that I write this month's Newsletter. The
world has lost a great person and an amazingly talented actress, and we
have all lost an incredible human being and dear friend. I have known
Anne Bancroft for what seems like forever, and it is impossible to fathom
that she has left us. Carol and I grieve, the world grieves. We can't
even imagine the loss Mel Brooks, their son Max, and Anne's mother and
sisters are experiencing. Thank you to all of you who have called and
written to send your condolences. Your thoughts and prayers are
greatly appreciated. Anne Bancroft was one of a kind, and the loss will be
felt by so many for a long time."

Yet, we have some fun films to remember her by.....what a gift to leave behind, laughter :)
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