CinemaDave (cinemadave) wrote,

LENT Day 13 Witness "Angel and the Badman"

In 1985, Harrison Ford received his only Oscar nomination for basically portraying a modern John Wayne hero in "Witness." "Witness" had similarities to John Wayne's first produced motion picture, "Angel and the Badman."

The plots were similar, a violent man is injured. He is forced to reside with peaceful religious folk. Gail Russel was John Wayne's Angel and Kelly McGillis was Oscar nominated for portraying Rachel Lapp, an Amish widow. Both "Witness" and "Angel and the Badman" are great movies.

Both movies were a mark of independence for Harrison Ford and John Wayne. "Witness" was his first commercial hit without George Lucas attached to the project. "Angel and the Badman" was John Wayne's first credit as a producer in 1947.
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