CinemaDave (cinemadave) wrote,

O Ano em Que Meus Pais Saíram de Férias/Translation: The Year my parents went on Vacation

With the exception of the New England Patriots fans,
the recent Superbowl was a fantastic experience to
share with complete strangers. For Miami Dolphin fans,
there was the drama of sharing a "perfect" season,
that came within 29 seconds of extinction. Within the
worldwide sports arena, Soccer (or "futbol" as the
sport is internationally known) derives such
nationalistic passion that fans have shot their own
players when their team failed in the World Cup
tournament. "The Year My Parents Went on Vacation"
is a Brazilian motion picture that looks at how a
sport influences a boy during troubled times.

Mauro (Michel Joelsas) is a typical sports obsessed
youth. He plays a tidily winks game with futbol themes
and has large posters of Pele on his bedroom wall. His
parents nervously tell Mauro that he is going on
"Vacation." The parents drive their son into the city
in their Blue Volkswagen Beetle.

Mauro is deposited on the street and is given the
apartment address of his grandfather. The boy waits
and waits for hours until a grumpy Jewish man named
Shlomo (Germano Haiut) lets the boy stay with him.
Though they are an odd couple, the old man and the
young boy come to an understanding about living

Eventually the boy makes friends with the landlord's
daughter, Hanna (Daniela Piepszyk). Hanna charges
admission for Mauro and the neighborhood boys to view
peepholes of women changing their clothes. Among the
best eye candy is Irene (Liliana Castro), a gorgeous
waitress with a mysterious boyfriend on a motorcycle.
This street drama is told within Brazil's quest for
the the World Cup Championship, in which Mauro's
parents promise that they would return for.

Unlike some of the heavy handed political movies
dealing with the Cold War, "The Year My Parents Went
on Vacation" looks at broken families during times of
political intrigue. The city of São Paulo is an
international community of communists, Italians and
Orthodox Jews. Yet it is the magic of World Cup
futbol that unites the diverse communities in São
Paulo, Brazil.

In the heat of communal joy, there is individual
suffering. The abandoned boy waits for his parent's
blue Volkswagen to return in time for a World Cup
Match Up. Promises are constantly broken and the
heartbreak is real. Mauro becomes a lonely boy, but
does not sink into self pity. Mauro's vocation
towards the hobbies of futbol keeps the boy centered.

"The Year My Parents Went on Vacation" is a simple
movie that reveals many deep themes about politics,
family and sports. **The Year My Parents Went on
Vacation** is also an entertaining motion picture
focuses on universal rites of passage that all young
boys must endure.

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