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Grace Under Fire Awards - CinemaDave

Dec. 31st, 2007 03:48 pm Grace Under Fire Awards

Grace under Fire Awards;

Christine Fanta and Arriann Denison
Miami Dolphin Cheerleaders

It is tough to cheer when you face a season like the Miami Dolphins did this year.

Harley Jane Kozak

Pictured with writer Heather Graham,
Harley revealed the spirit of Rocky Balboa.
She took some hits this year, but wrote and toured her excellent book, "Dead Ex." Yet her priority remained her kids.

Elaine Viets

"The back from the Dead Tour ?!?"
This was a dark joke from the Waldenbooks manager. Elaine is a recent stroke survivor who has made a remarkable recovery. In fact, she is ready to start work on her next "Dead End" novel which is set in South Beach.

Elaine's husband, Don Crinklaw is a journalist of merit.

Kim Brown
built a house, raised some fine kids and became a grandmother this year.

I've not trophies nor certificates to give out, but these individuals earned my respect this year.

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