CinemaDave (cinemadave) wrote,

"National Tresure Book of Secrets" full of Box Office Treasure.

"National Treasure Book of Secrets" is a can't lose family film. The American public responded with a 45 million dollars box office revenue. "National Treasure Book of Secrets' provides a fast paced lecture on American history and makes the film fun to watch.

The leading man in both "National Treasures" is Ben Gates (Nicholas Cage). The leading lady is Abagail (Diane Kruger) and the sidekick is Riley (Justin Bartha). All three characters have not adjusted very well to their new found fortune. Ben and Abagail have broken up and Riley is being hounded by the IRS. At least Ben and his father, Patrick (Jon Voight) are enjoying their reconciliation. Until mean Mr. Wilkinsin (Ed Harris) implicates the Gates ancestorswith the assassination of our first Republican President, Abraham Lincoln.

In order to redeem the family, Ben and his motley crew travel to France, Great Britain and the White House to find the truth. Through secret panels, claustophic car chases and dangerous caves, the Gates family reunite and overcome their family squabbles.

The performances really drive this "National Treasure Book of Secrets." With the exception of Ed Harris who seems unable to stick to one southern accent, the actors seems to be having a fun time making this motion picture. The big flaw occurs during the action sequences. The editors seems to be from the film school that only promotes Attention Deficit Disorder graduates.
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