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"Scream in the Night" featuring Lon Chaney Jr. - CinemaDave

Dec. 21st, 2007 10:33 am "Scream in the Night" featuring Lon Chaney Jr.

"Scream in the Night" is not a lost classic in the vein of "Spider Baby," but it is an interesting flick nonetheless. The opening credits features Lon Chaney Jr. in this B-Studio quickie. During the credits, Lon Chaney Junior is seen as both the romantic leading man and the villain's henchman. It should be noted that Chaney's henchman has a strong resemblance to his father's brutal look in "The Road to Mandalay."

It should be noted that Richard "Dick" Cramer has a role as Chaney Jr.'s boss. To my knowledge, "Scream in the Night" might be this ruffian's only good guy role. Cramer often played Laurel and Hardy's bully who once twisted their legs and wrapped them around their necks. Cramer can also be seen in unbilled parts in various big budgeted movies, like "North West Passage" and "The Spoilers."

"Scream in the Night" clocks in at 59 minutes. It takes place in some "foreign land" where people where turbans, Chinese people through knives and the villians speak in French and cheap Spanish accents. The cheif villain lassoes his victims. The climax features a knockdown dragout brawl in which hero and heroine defeat the villians.

"Scream in the Night" is in public domain and can be found on some public domain anthology series.
Lon Chaney Junior aquits himself quite nicely. If it were not for his alcoholism, one sees such potenial as both a leading man and character actor.

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