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"Asylum" for 2007 - CinemaDave

Dec. 19th, 2007 08:24 pm "Asylum" for 2007

In very limited release, "Asylum" will be a film that creeps up on you. The plot features a bunch of stereotypical iconic college students who go to a haunted dorm. Like the children entrapped inside the torso of Freddy Krueger, these pretty students suffer from personal psychological scars.

Madison (Sarah Roemer) witnessed her father's suicide and she suffers from hallucinations,. Madison befriends five other students who had siblings die in violent accidents. Some of the siblings were students of Winthorpe University, the same college in which Madison attends. When the Resident Assistant tells Madison and her friends not to enter a locked door, the college kids buck authority and unleash the ghost of Doctor Magnus Burke (Mark Rolson).

Doctor Burke must have hired Nurse Rachet at one point of his career. The mad doctor cures misbehaving students by performing lobotomies through their eyeballs. Nice guy.

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