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Jun. 23rd, 2005 07:43 am Kudos to Paramount & Dreamworks SKG

For the past five years, Dreamworks has poorly marketed their movies.
The trailer for "What Lies Beneath" gave away important plot information about Harrison Ford's character. The preview for "Castaway" revealed that Tom Hanks got off the island.

The "World of the Worlds" trailers and television commercials have done an excellent job teasing the audience. For the past seven weeks, the audience has been silent with awe at the "War of the Worlds" previews. The martians have been partially glimpsed, but not totally revealed. The Paramount/Dreamworks Marketing team has done an excellent job creating a desire to see more of the movie.

Peter Jackson's "King Kong" trailer should should run before each screening of "War of the Worlds." Hopefully this hyped preview will create a desire to see more of the 8th Wonder of the World from Skull Island.

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