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The further Adventures of Cinema Dave - CinemaDave

Dec. 9th, 2007 04:49 pm The further Adventures of Cinema Dave

Cinema Dave at the gates of Asia.
Asia Disney Animal Kingdom.

While on Safari, Cinema Dave encountered this wild beastie.

The King of the Beasts stayed awake for Cinema Dave's safari.

How can you tell this is an African Elephant?
This symbol of the Grand Old Party has ears shaped like the continent of Africa.

This guy is 26 years old and is the dominant male of the Animal Kingdom behind the glass.

Mickey made a grand entrance during Fantasma, a great show at the Disney/MGM studios.

Actions went awry and flames arose to consume Mickey Mouse!

However, being a great American Hero, Mickey knew what to do in times of crisis.

Heroic actions completed, Mickey found time to party with some of his friends.

Not all of Cinema Dave's encounters involved animals. Sometimes Cinema Dave sought the advice of this well known American heroine and her spiritual adviser,.

Pocahontas and Grand Mother Willow discussed the fact that "Pocahontas" is the only Disney animated movie inspired by historical fact.

Pocahontas acknowledge Cinema Dave's academic history at Florida State University. Both look forward to a better football for the Seminoles.

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