CinemaDave (cinemadave) wrote,

William Shatner forgot something....or somethings...

Twenty years ago on Saturday Night Live, William Shatner told trekies to "GET A LIFE!" When his career started to flagged, he wrote several "Star Trek" fictional books and several non fiction books in which he praised the "Trekies."

Now Paramount pictures has decided to create a new "Star Trek" movie featuring a young Captain Kirk and Mr. Spock. Leonard Nimoy will return, but Shatner was not asked back.

According to television's "Extra" through IMDB, Shatner whines;

"How could you not put one of the founding figures into a movie that was being resurrected? That doesn't make good business sense to me! I've become even more popular than I was playing Captain Kirk. I'm good box office and I get publicity… But, they are going in a different direction and it'll be a wonderful film."

Doesn't Shatner remember that Captain Kirk died in his last movie; "Star Trek Generations?"

At least Nimoy gets to pass his ears of to "Heroes" Zachary Quinto in the next movie. Hopefully the screenwriters will pick up where old Spock left off. Spock was last featured in a double episode of "Star Trek the Next Generation." Here's a link to the official website if you want the latest news...

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