CinemaDave (cinemadave) wrote,

"Resident Evil 3 Extinction" is so boring it reminds me of a Johnny Carson routine...

The Magnificent Karnac placed the envelope to his turban covered head and announced, *Saw Four. Resident Evil Three." His sycophantic assistant, Ed Mahon repeated the words;
"Saw Four. Resident Evil Three,"
much to the annoyance of his physic swami leader.

The Magnificent Karnac would open the envelope and state the question that was asked, "What was the score of the "Saw" and "Resident Evil" game?"

This paraphrased joke was lifted from a skit often performed on "The Tonight Show starring Johnny Carson." It is the only humor you will find in this review of Halloween released movies; "Saw IV" and "Resident Evil 3 Extinction."

There is not much to say about "Resident Evil 3 Extinction" except that Milla Jovovich still kicks zombie butt, this time in post Apocalypse Las Vegas. "Resident Evil 3 Extinction" concludes with Jovovich being cloned for "Resident Evil Part Four." The box office for the "Resident Evil" franchise has been lukewarm. Given the expense of these movies, one wonders if we have seen the last of Milla Jovovich's "Resident Evil"
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