CinemaDave (cinemadave) wrote,

Tom Kershaw : Turtle, Terminator and Kahuna - a legendary library employee

Having been a resident of South Florida since 1973,
Tommy Turtle may have performed a few story times for
me and I was not aware of it. As I have aged, Tom
Kershaw remained a big kid.

If I would get too serious about library theory,
Kershaw found a way to puncture through the cloak of
self-importance without demeaning one’s dignity. I
often think of Kahuna Kershaw with his little
specialty candies and listening to OutKast from an
Internet website.

Our relationship was that of middle school maturity,
we would call each other by our last names and talk
about really important subjects, like sports and
action movies. For such a gentle soul, the Tom loved
battle scenes in the movies. We would rag on about
Brad Pitt’s acting in “Troy,” but would enjoy the
pretty boy’s technique with head chopping.

As I have learned recently, Kershaw had many
nicknames. I called him “the Kahuna,” in respect to
his ability to bring the beach culture into a stuffy
library setting. One day we witnessed some sort of
authortative nonsense that resulted into some sort of
bureaucratic turf war. I beseeched the Kahuna for
his words of wisdom on the matter. He summed it up
and I asked him to write those wise words on the dry
erase board in the 3rd floor Main Library RIS workroom.
Almost two years later those words were not erased and they serve was a
good piece of advice to every one

“It does not hurt to be nice.”

Merrie Meyers-Kershaw has requested donations in his
honor be sent to the Broward Public Library
Foundation/ Tom Kershaw Memorial. Send to:
Broward Public Library Foundation
Main Library
100 S. Andrews Ave, 8th floor
Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33301
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