CinemaDave (cinemadave) wrote,

"Spider Baby" is the sums up the career of Chaney Senior and Junior

"Spider Baby" has been re released with costar Sid Haig providing the commentary. Both times I met Sid Haig he seemed to enjoy talking about this project and his costar, Lon Chaney Junior.

"Spider Baby" has a touch of the dark themes that Chaney Senior and Tod Browning created in their movies. Monsters and Freaks who earn the audience sympathy. There are combination of errors or a violation of the seven deadly sins, chaos erupts.

Shot in glorious black and white, "Spider Baby" presents Chaney Junior as Bruno the Caretaker of mutant family. After the murder of Mantan Moreland, the caretaker is visited by cousins and lawyers who want the mutants committed.

There is much macabre humor in "Spider Baby" and a great dining scenes featuring monster movie in jokes. Yet there is a heartbreaking scene in which Chaney Junior realizes that he must euthanize the mutants, it is heart breaking to watch.

A fitting curtain call to a century of Chaneys.

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