CinemaDave (cinemadave) wrote,

Chaney Junior and Curt Siomak reunite for a wedding date; "Bride of the Gorilla"

Barbara Payton is top billed over Lon Chaney Junior and Raymond Burr, respectfully. Payton's career was similar to that of Anna Nicole Smith and she died at age 39 also.

"Bride of the Gorilla" was written by Curt Siomak, the screenwriter of Lon Chaney's baby, "The Wolf Man." One can not deny the similarity with Lon Chaney playing a combination of the Ralph Bellamy and Warren William role. As a second banana, Chaney's performance is quite good.

Raymond Burr is no Lawrence Stewart Talbot and he seems to be in a bad mood throughout most of the motion picture. Val Lewton regular, Tom Conway, also appears.

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