CinemaDave (cinemadave) wrote,

"The Bourne Ultimatum" caps another "YAWN" trilogy....

Director Paul Greengrass earned his academy award nomination for directing "United 93" last year. Greengrass managed to create the tragedy of the people on Flight 93 and how they prevented the 9/11 Terrorists from accomplishing their insane mission. Greengrass had a clarity of vision that was not overwhelmed by cinema verite camera techniques. As the story built, the camera became more mobile, but the clarity of vision pervailed. The same can not be said of Greengrass' work on "The Bourne Ultimatium."

Greengrass, who also directed "The Bourne Supremacy" three years ago, created another tiring motion picture based on Robert Ludlum's books. There may have been some great action sequences involving stunts and car chases, but they are lost in the out of focus lens. The final car chase in Manhatten is particularly frusterating because one does not really know what happens until the chase is stopped.

In his third outing, Jason Bourne (Matt Damon), the amnesiac spy, gets embroiled in some CIA scandal in London. Using his cell phone, Bourne pursues clues in Spain, Morrocco and eventually New York. David Straihain and Joan Allen are CIA superchiefs who can summon operatives to hunt down one nosey American quicker than they can hunt terrorists and organized crime.

Granted Robert Ludlum's "Bourne Trilogy" was published between 1980 and 1990, the Matt Damon trilogy of movies feature a plotline far removed from Ludlum's original intention. In fact, Matt Damon and his Hollywood based committee for the coronation of Hilary Clinton have taken the dark inuendo of the war of terrorism and has made it the catalyst for the plot. The Pop psychology reveals that Bourne is an amnesiac spy because he was water boarded as a youth.
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