CinemaDave (cinemadave) wrote,

2004 Review "The Bourne Supremacy"

My brother Carm & I were discussing clichés that can
found in modern Hi-tech thrillers. In “The Bourne
Supremacy” we witness technical experts who hover
around a computer screen and speak with rapid dialogue
or pseudo technical terms. Also, all modern thrillers
seem to include cellular phones with weak batteries
that seem to expire whenever the killer is about to
strike the heroine in a dark and scary setting. This
scene can be found in Michael Mann's latest opus,

In contrast, “The Bourne Supremacy” suffers from
manic editing that does not allow one to enjoy
anything scenic in the movie. While Robert Ludlum’s
thriller was a fast paced novel, Director Paul
Greengrass should
have included a few tender moments. There are
close-ups of
Matt Damon where I began to wonder if he knew, as an
actor, what he was doing in certain sequences. It is
too bad the producers lost confidence with simply
telling a spy story, **The Bourne Supremacy** had
the potential of being a better, more thought
provoking movie than it's predecessor.

This new movie takes place two years where “The
Bourne Identity” left off. Jason Bourne and his
girlfriend are living in the harmonic land of India.
An old enemy spots Bourne and he is forced to
flee his nirvana. Living up to his vow from the first
movie, Bourne decides to visit his old employers, the

Having killed off Conklin (Chris Cooper) from the
movie, Warren Abbott (Bryan Cox) seems content to
finish up his
final months with the CIA. While Abbott wants to
dismiss the Bourne Affair, Pamela Landy (Joan Allen)
wants to
pursue Bourne when she finds his fingerprints on a
crime scene involving
the murder of two agents. A cat and mouse game
ensues and a mole is detected from the front ranks of
the CIA.

After discussing these films with my big brother, we
both determined that “Collateral” was the more
entertaining movie. I am thankful for these
conversations, because midway through “The Bourne
Supremacy, “ I fell asleep in the front row.
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