CinemaDave (cinemadave) wrote,

"Rush Hour 3" works because Brett Ratner understands basic film theory

Less successful with mainstream critics and box office
is director Brett Ratner's "Rush Hour 3." This
buddy action flick features the motor mouth Chris
Tucker and the amazing acrobatics of Jackie Chan.
"Rush Hour 3" has a links with the original "Rush
Hour;" the little kidnapped girl from the first
movie has grown up to kick some bad guy booty and the
bad guys work for the Asian criminal syndicate, the
Triads. This time, Tucker and Chan chase the bad guys
to Paris. After much cultural faux pas and a cavity
search by director Roman Polanski, "Rush Hour 3"
climaxes with a battle on the Eiffel Tower.

For many years, Jackie Chan prided himself by avoiding
a stunt double. However after breaking most bones in
his body and approaching his sixties, Chan is relying
on more special effects to accomplish this task. Yet,
even with these enchancments, the action sequences of
"Rush Hour 3" far surpasses the muddled action of
"The Bourne Ultimatium." "Rush Hour 3" also
features some funny bits and belly laughs.

It is apparent that Brett Ratner has learned from
master director John Ford. Both directors allow the
action to occur within the frame of the camera lens.
One does not have to be a cinema scholar to appreciate
the longevity of a well directed action sequence, John
Ford movies still stand the test of time.
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