CinemaDave (cinemadave) wrote,

2001 Review - "Rush Hour 2" and "Kiss of the Dragon"

It has been recently announced that Jackie Chan and
Jet Li are teaming together for a new movie. For
Martial Arts Cinema fans, this would have been the
equivalent of Clint Eastwood making a movie with the
late John Wayne. While the Chan-Li teaming is still
in the preproduction stage, this dynamic duo have two
movies that are making the rounds on current screens.

"Rush Hour 2" is the most fun of the two motion
pictures and features Chan reuniting with motor mouth
Chris Tucker. Tucker is actually a drag on Chan's
physical performance. Chan is universally known for
performing his own stunts, however several action
sequences appear computer en chanced to provide a
close up for Chris Tucker.

The plot? It has something to do with the Triads, the
bad guys from another genre movie, "Lethal Weapon 4."
Other than that, we see Chan & Tucker chase the bad
guys from Hong Kong to Las Vegas and become involved
with double agents and dirty deals. The strength of
"Rush Hour 2" is watching Martial arts action
sequences that seem fresh. Chan definitely carries
the modern mantle of both Buster Keaton and Harold

One can speculate what this Chan-Li future motion
picture will be about. While Chan is very expressive
and veers towards a punch line, Li appears more low
key with a stoic persona. Expect some outrageous
stunts and protracted Kung Fu fighting from this
future teaming.

In the meantime, Jackie Chan's "Rush Hour 2" provides
some matinee fun for a family while Jet Li's "Kiss of
the Dragon" can provide some entertainment for more
mature audiences on the video shelf.

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