November 21st, 2021

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When the Academy Awards picked "Moonlight" for the best picture Oscar, the industry was shocked. While it is still one of the lowest box scoring office best pictures winners, the artistry of "Moonlight" has aged like a fine wine. The story was good, the characters were interesting and the cinematography enhanced a universal theme. Perhaps the most memorable image featured a mentor (flawed, to say the least) teaching his prodigy how to float.

"Wade in the Water" is a short subject documentary that examines the element of water and how it related to the African American Culture. Director Cathleen Dean reviews the historical relationship from pre colonial times to the 20th Century protests to "Wade in the Water" on Fort Lauderdale Beaches.

This 14 minute documentary covers much history from the African American perspective. After seeing this film, one will appreciate the names of Dr. Von D. Mizell, Eula Johnson and the importance of the Sistrunk Community. A film like "Wade in the Water" helps explain both the beautiful and haunted imagery found in the acclaimed "Moonlight."