August 1st, 2021

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"Summertime" is the media evolution of poetry

Given that my hometown houses the Walt Whitman Museum, I liked the word “Poetry,” but mostly found the presentation to be dull and repetitive. The presenter, usually British, seemed in love with their own voices and would drone on about subjects that had no relationship to my young interest. The movie “Dead Poets Society” ignited my interest in the subject, then a summer in Florence, Italy with Florida State University’s Professor David Kirby got me jotting down my personal words of wisdom. Let it be. When Jack Nicholson declared “Rap Music” as “Poetry” to court Diane Keaton in “Something’s Gotta Give,” the senior citizen ticket buyers began to look at the Hip Hop area in a new light. “Summertime” is the next evolution of the seeds planted by William Shakespeare with the ensemble structure of the 1977 serio-comedy, “Car Wash.”

as one can see from the trailer, there is no Sir John Gielgud or Sir Laurence Olivier reciting sonnets of lost ore misery. "Summertime" acknowledges the darkness of these days, but puts an emphasis on the beauty of neon lights. This movie is far more culturally diverse than a London drama, but "Summmertime" focuses upon the new cultural horizons of a young generation.

Cinema Dave  Swashbuckling ournalist and

August 1 - Countdown to Halloween

The dog days of August may have had their roots from the Blues expression, "Hellhounds on my trail."
A student of the Blues, a Monster Maven, Swashbuckling Journalist & Information Scientist - Cinema Dave will begin his "Countdown to Halloween" for the next three months.....have fun, if you dare!