March 25th, 2021

Cinema Dave  Swashbuckling ournalist and

Lent Day 35 Alice Cooper Meet and greet Wien 24.06.15

This video popped up on the Cinema Dave You Tube Channel this morning.

Since first visiting "The Rock" in Phoenix, Cinema Dave was impressed by the facility and the concept created by Alice Cooper & his wife Sheryl. It was a partnership with the community, to expose teen to free music, dance, art and backstage production assistance. Cinema Dave attended 3 Christmas Puddings and he was impressed with the maturity and professionalism of the teens.

Cinema Dave has contributed to The Rock through the "Fans of Solid Rock," which is a fund raising arm developed and nurtured by Radka Bodlakova in Austria. Given the geographic distance,, many of the contributors have not met each other - though we have become friends through this charity. In fact, many of us regular contributors have been named "The Backbone Brigade."

This is Radka's first meeting with Alice, before "Fans of Solid Rock," "The Backbone Brigade" and thousands of dollars were raised to support "The Rock," which is expanding to Mesa, Arizona this year.