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Lent Day 14 - Giving up Entitlement March 19, 2014 By Phil Ressler

Week 2: Wednesday
Scripture Verses
Mark 10:35–45
Romans 6:20–23
Ephesians 2:1–10
Questions to Consider
What does God owe you? What does the world owe you?
Why should we be thankful that God does not give to us according to what we are entitled?
Have you ever been angry with God for not giving you what you wanted?
How does Jesus help us to overcome our sense of entitlement?
Plan of Action
Choose to be the servant. Pick one way to serve another person today in an unexpected way.
Consider something you received which was undeserved. How can you leverage that gift for God’s purposes?
When encountering another person burdened by a sense of entitlement, practice patience and grace. Listen to them. Point them to Jesus by serving them as Jesus serves them.
Living with a sense of entitlement makes for a hard life. Yet there are many who walk through life thinking God owes them and the world owes them. When things don’t go quite their way they get upset and they get angry. They live with a bitter heart. Spend a few moments in a customer service department at virtually any store and you will see the sense of entitlement play out.

We see the sense of entitlement play out in our relationships with God. We expect God to give us the job. We expect God to prevent the cancer. We expect God restore the broken relationship. But then God does not respond in the way we want him to respond.

Have you ever been angry with God? Why? It is anger misdirected. We fail to realize that everything good in our life comes from him. The rest is on us.

The irony is the more we are given, the more our sense of entitlement seems to grow. It is the most privileged that are often the most upset at God. However, the more we are given, the more that is expected of us, not the more we are entitled to. With greater privilege comes greater responsibility. When we fail to use our greater privilege for God’s kingdom purposes, he will take our privilege and give it to someone else.

God is pouring blessing into our lives. There is nothing we have apart from him. Absolutely nothing! Today the sun comes up. We have eyes to see, mouths to speak, ears to hear, noses to smell, and hands to touch. Every heartbeat is a precious gift. It all comes from him!

Our God is a God of grace. I learned the definition of grace as undeserved love. I have done nothing to deserve anything from him. Everything he gives to me is a free gift. He has been more than kind to me. Anger has no place in my relationship with him. How can I be angry with the one who has given me nothing other than lavish love?

The life Jesus lived for us is the servant life. He doesn’t ask for anything but he gives everything.

For even the Son of Man came not to be served but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many.” Mark 10:45 (ESV)

As we follow after him, we strive to follow his example. We may not have much to offer. But what we have, we give to him. That is what worship is. It is trading our attitude “God owes me” with the attitude “I give him everything.” In this we honor him, our Servant and Savior, who loves us with an unending love.