March 18th, 2015

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Lent Day 25 Unwholesome Talk

Week 4 Wednesday

Scripture Verses
•James 3:1–12
•Matthew 15:1–11
•Psalm 8:1–9

Questions to Consider
•When have you said something you would rather not have spoken?
•What are the consequences of speaking profanity and other words of impurity?
•How do we tame the tongue?
•How does Jesus help us speak words that are pure and holy?

Plan of Action
•Compliment someone today. Make sure it is sincere.
•Sing a song of praise. Read a psalm of praise. Psalm 8 is a good place to start.
•Eliminate any words from your vocabulary that even hint towards taking the name of God in vain.


Do you remember the Smurfs? The Smurfs had a very limited vocabulary. They would smurf every word. They would smurf this and smurf that. Everything was smuf-tastic. Humans have done much the same thing as the Smurfs, but instead of using the word “smurf,” humans use words of profanity.

The Wolf of Wall Street set a record for profanity for a US feature film. This movie used a certain profane word 506 times in a span of 180 minutes. The scary thing is that this is not all that surprising when we consider the landscape. Profanity has become a common form of speech. As a father of young children I am reluctant to take my children to professional sporting events. Even on trips to the local supermarket, you are not sure what you might hear.

But before we are quick to point the finger at others around us, we must be sure to tame our own tongue. In the Ten Commandments we are told not to take the name of the Lord our God in vain. Yet, I often hear Christians say, “Oh my God” in very flippant ways. We need to be careful about the context in which we call on God and to hold his name in high regard.