March 5th, 2015

Cinema Dave  Swashbuckling ournalist and

Lent Day 14 Apathy

Week 2: Thursday

Scripture Verses
•James 1:26–27
•Matthew 25:31–46
•Luke 7:18–23

Questions to Consider
•What are some of the ways people suffer around the world?
•How does God intend to use you to help them in their need?
•Why are we not more responsive to the needs of others?
•How does God empower us to serve the needs of others?

Plan of Action
•Volunteer to serve with an organization which is working to positively affect the lives of others.
•Be an advocate for others in need. Organize blood drive, food drive, or other type of ministry to help others in need.

Apathy is also a major theme in Cinema Dave's novella; "Davy Jones & the Heart of Darkness."