November 3rd, 2013

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FLiFF28 "Black Box" is behind-the-scenes-college drama

When Austin Pendleton shows up in "Black Box," one knows they are watching an independent film for a festival.  For one who has worked in theater, "Black Box" has some authentic scenes featuring the craft of Thespis.   The personalities are quirky enought to live in the theater world, where the fine line between fantasy and reality. 

Cinema Dave  Swashbuckling ournalist and

"All is Lost" provides Robert Redford the role of his lifetime.

After an opening verbal introduction, the audience spends the next 105 minutes aboard a sinking ship with Robert Redford.  Our Man does everything right and smart, but the elements of nature seem to conspire to sink this sail boat.  
Robert Redford is "Our Man," the only actor seen in **All is Lost," a thriller about a man lost in the Indian Ocean.  With the exception of one utterance of desperation, the only words spoken are in opening narration.  For the next 106 minutes, we witness the Sisyphus efforts of "Our Man" is keeping his boat afloat.  The ending will inspire discussion for both sailors and landlubbers.
Redford is fantastic, he spends most of **All is Lost** thinking of his next solution.  He underplays brilliantly and is a conduit for the audience.  In it's simple storyline,  **All is Lost** contains as much depth as Ernest Hemingway's Pulitizer Award winning novel,  **The Old Man and the Sea.**  Expect Oscar buzz for **All is Lost.**
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"Thor the Dark World" takes place in Thor's home

For pure Popcorn Eating Saturday Matinee Popcorn eating fun, go see **Thor the Dark World.**  The formula for fan favorite moments are there; 3 rip roaring cameos,  2 post credit sequences that tease the next movie and provides a loving chuckle for those who wait.  This film also features some fantastic visual sequences featuring cliff hanging moments worthy of comic books and movie serials starring Buster Crabbe & Bela Lugosi.

While it would help to review **Thor** and **Marvel's The Avengers,** **Thor the Dark World** is a stand alone movie.  Thor's human love interest Jane Foster (Natalie Portman) stumbles ether from the dark ages with the potential to destroy the entire universe.  Thor (Chris Hemworth) attempts to rescue, but first must enter in an alliance with his villainous brother, Loki (Tom Hiddleston).  For all of the fantastic set pieces, it is the character dynamic that makes  **Thor the Dark World** this weekend's predictable box office blockbuster.

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"Sunlight Jr." South Florida drama featuring Watts, Dillion & Reedus.

**Sunlight Jr.** is Florida Film Noir featuring dark performances from Naomi Watts, Matt Dillion, Tess Harper and **The Walking Dead's** leading man, Norman Reedus.  Filmed in the Saint Petersburg/Clearwater area, the poverty of **Sunlight Jr.** is as interchangeable as the poverty of Downtown Fort Lauderdale.  **Sunlight Jr.** is a dark movie that goes from bad to worse.

Richie (Dillion) is a paraperligic who is married to Melissa (Watts),  a clerk who works at a minimart called **Sunlight Jr.** Living in an efficiency apartment, the two obviously love each other, despite living from paycheck to paycheck.  The couple are better off than her bloated Mom (Tess Harper) who raises white trash grandchildren.  Richie and Melissa have one night of grace, that leads to their most distasterous decision.