October 28th, 2013

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"Rocky Mountain Express The Journey of a Lifetime" is an IMAX on the mountain top

Once north of Palm Beach County, the change of scenery is obvious - the landscape is more green  and rural. Between the Fort Drum rest stop and Kissimee, one sees an orange grove and sense a raise in elevation.
However this change of elevation is minimal compared to the experience of visiting the Rocky Mountains. For Florida first timers, the biological changes are obvious - one can see their heart beating out of their chest.  With this type of personal experience,  one can appreciate a Museum of Discovery IMAX film like **Rocky Mountain Express The Journey of a Lifetime,** which documents  the 19th century building of the steam engine locomotive in the Canadian Rockies.
Without 3 D glasses on the 5 story screen, the vistas and landscapes are majestic to behold. In contrast, the **Rocky Mountain Express** film makers gaze in loving detail at the pristine engines of the reconstructive and remodeled locomotive.    **Rocky Mountain Express** is a 45 minute epic in the fine Fort Lauderdale Museum of Discovery IMAX tradition, yet there is a story about the building of Canadian Pacific Railroad that is both inspiring and disturbing.
As with any genius seduced by modern technology, **Rocky Mountain Express** devotes considerable time to the history that inspired some of the darkest moments of the recent **Lone Ranger** movie.  In a rich man's pursuit to dominate nature, due diligence was ignore, thus creating folly.  Stubborn determination leads to disaster.  Almost two hundred years later, this film presents wooden and stone tresells that were never used.  Near these sights are the unmarked graves of the workers who died trying to build an untested short cut
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The opening of the 28th Annual Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival !

Cyndi Boyar is a backstage angel who is a miracle worker for celebrities visiting South Florida.  Given her work ethic and skill, she has turned limonsine ugly ducklings into red carpet swans.  For this year's **28th Annual International Film Festival (FLiFF28),**  Boyar's name will be front and center for two events this year,  the romantic comedy **The Trouble with the Truth** featuring Lea Thompson & John Shea and the documentary**Taking Charge - The Pauly Cohen Story,** in which the big band leader is scheduled to receive the Lifetime Achievement Award.
On Saturday, October 26 at the Sunrise Civic Center, the documentary will be screened.  Filmed around the events coinciding with Cohen's 90th birthday celebration, producer Bret Primack filmed a Master Class at Florida International University with the Studio Big Band.
**Taking Charge - The Pauly Cohen Story**  uses archive footage featuring the young trumpet player learning from his mentors, Dizzy Gillespie, Tommy Dorsey, Artie Shaw and Charlie Barnett.  Cohen also performed with Frank Sinatra and Tony Bennett.  After the movie screening, the Pauly Cohen Orchestra will be conducting a live big band concert.
**The Trouble with the Truth**  will screen this Sunday afternoon at 2pm at the Muvico Pompano.  Boyar wrote about her involment with this film;
"...working in the film industry, I wanted to give back and support my local film festival.  I contacted Greg (Von Hausch - **FLiFF28** President & CEO) what films were coming in with a list of celebrities attached to them...As soon as I saw Lea Thompson's name, I was interested.  It was important to me that the film would appeal to a wide audience.  **The Trouble with the Truth** fits the bill."
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FLiFF28 Danny Murphy & "CinemAbilty"

Danny Murphy is also a local and has a new film premiering, **CinemAbility** this Saturday night at 7:45 Muvico Pompano. This documentary looks at the cinematic history of disability portrayals, from Charlie Chaplin silent films to the blockbuster ** X Men** series.  A quadriplegic since the age of 19, Murphy makes regular appearances in  Farrelly Brothers comedies such as **Kingpin,** **Dumb and Dumber** and **There's Something about Mary.**  Danny Murphy actively supports the South Florida film community and is an advocate for Americans with Disabilities.FLiFF2013DannyMurphy
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"Gravity" deserves it's success

For three weeks, **Gravity** has been an anomaly during a typically slow time at the box office.  **Gravity** should definitely been seen on the big screen to appreciate the nuances that director Alfonso Cuaron has incorporated into this film.  Cuaron takes his time to open his movie, the pace is deliberately slow and all the action occurs within the frame of the shot, there is NO attention deficit disorder editing.  When the action breaks loose, the audience is taken for the ride along with Sandra Bullock & George Clooney.  Not since **Space Station 3 D** has a motion picture been created that makes one feel like they are in space.
The story of **Gravity** is very simple - an accident occurs and astronauts are stranded into space.  The trailer may lead one to believe that Bullock & Clooney merely float around in space for 1 hour & 39 minutes, however there is a variety of scenery and situations to keep one involved the character's fate.  With themes of survival, regret & loneliness, **Gravity** is one of the best movies of 2013 - see it on the big screen in 3 D to appreciate the wonder.
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FLiFF 28 "The Prime Ministers: the Pioneers" features ALL Star voice overs

Sandra Bullock is the voice of Golda Meir in the documentary **The Prime Ministers: The Pioneers,** which is given it's world premier this weekend for the **28th Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival (FLiFF28)**. Part of a historical series of documentaries by Academy Award winner Richard Trank,  **The Prime Ministers** reveals details of the "6 Day" & "Yom Kippur" wars.  This film also examines the strategic relationship between Israel and the United States.
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FLiFF28 Finola Hughes & "The Bet"

Best known for playing in the soap opera **General Hospital** and portraying the "bad girl" from **Stayin' Alive,** the sequel to **Saturday Night Fever** directed by Sylvester Stallone, Finola Hughes is in town for **The Bet,** sponsored by FLiFF anchors Janet Leavy Schwartz & Irwin Levenstein.   Finola Hughes steps behind the lens to direct her first featured film.
**The Bet** is a family comedy that looks at dating relationships from three generations; teen years, middle age and senior romance.  Grandpa is concerned about his grandson's slow romantic development, so he engages the young lad in a bet, who will be the first to seduce a lady?
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FLiFF 28 "The Pin" pricks reality

"The Pin" is a minimalist motion picture that takes place in two separate time periods set in either the countryside or the morgue.  This Canadian motion picture in Yiddish with English subtitles is a tale about a Shomer, a religious watchman who is responsible for guarding the recently deceased.  As fate would have it, this Shomer is reunited with the corpse of this long, lost love.                                                                                 The film flashes back to more innocent times when this couples were refugees hiding in an abandon farmhouse.
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"Capital" is an ancestor of Karl Marx "Das Kapital"

It is amazing to me that an industry like the film culture consistenly makes films that are anticaptialist.   Based on a French novel by Stéphane Osmont, "Capital" is a film directed by Costa Gravas, an international director best known for left of center films like "Missing," "Z" and "State of Seige."                                     The film opens on a golf course in which a bank CEO dies.   Marc Tourneuil (Gad Elmaleh) becomes the heir apparent and flies to Fort Lauderdale for a business deal.    Upon returning, Marc is given the task of firing his employees to receive a substantial bonus.