April 6th, 2013

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"Comedy Warriors" inspired PBiFF18

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Underneath the watchful eye of John Wayne, the "Comedy Warriors" brought their film to the 18th Annual Palm Beach International Film Festival. When Cinema Dave thinks of neurotic prima donna celebrities that have walked down the red carpet in the past, the class of the "Comedy Warriors" put these classless "celebrities" to shame.

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"Comedy Warriors Healing though Humor" is a documentary that lives up to expectations. The film introduces the audience to five veterans who were wounded in the war on terror.

With the exception of the lone female, these wounded warriors carry their scars on the outside. The "Comedy Warriors" acknowledge the audience's discomfort (or guilt..?) early on in the documentary. Once this common ground is found, the humor begins.

This is a life affirming documentary that proves that U.S.A. is winning the war on terrorism. After all, the "Comedy Warriors" are laughing....which is the best revenge :)

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