March 24th, 2013

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Lent Day 40 = Palm Sunday - "Flight of the Butterflies"

When we set Dad's memorial for December first, we dreaded the grey Alabama winter. Instead we enjoyed an Indian summer that

lasted during our stay. As Mom, my brother and I said our final farewell to Dad, a bright yellow butterfly descended upon the flowers next to the gravesite, a spring miracle that does not occur in winter. Since that moment, Butterflies have caught my attention in so many ways.

Eben Alexander’s recent best seller “Proof of Heaven A Neurosurgeon's Journey into the Afterlife” features a butterfly on the book cover. This work of Non Fiction places an importance upon butterflies in the afterlife.


**Flight of the Butterflies** is a documentary currently playing at the Fort Lauderdale Museum of Discovery IMAX Theater with Dolby Sound technology on five story screen in 3D. Under one hour long, **Flight of the Butterflies** presents two stories, one story about biology and another about biography.

The biographical portion introduces the audience to Fred Urquhart, a scientist who devoted forty years of his life to the study of the Monarch Butterfly. With his future wife Norah as his assistant, Urguhart tracked the trails of the butterflies by tagging the wings of thousands of individual butterflies. The two founded Monarch Watch, which recruited hundreds of "citizen scientists." These volunteers tagged thousands of butterflies and reported their findings to Fred and Norah.
The biological section of **Flight of the Butterflies** traces the lifespan and multigenerational migration of the Monarch Butterfly. While it takes 3 generations to migrate to Canada, it is the Super Generation of Monarch that flies from Canada to the mountains of States of Michoacán and Mexico.

While these creatures weigh less than a penny, on the 5 story IMAX screen, one is treated to a well-produced Mothra movie from Godzilla productions. Science facts are of utmost importance, but **Flight of the Butterflies** is an entertaining motion picture. This documentary is also a beautiful piece of visual poetry that would inspire artists like Claude Monet and Vincent Van Gogh.

On 3600 W Sample Rd in Tradewinds Park, one can visit **Butterfly World.** **Butterfly World** is a unique Botanical Garden that is now 25 years old. It would make for a wonderful Sunday afternoon visit, but it is closed this Easter Sunday. Therefore **Flight of the Butterflies** will provide a great family experience as a substitute. Happy Easter!