March 5th, 2013

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Lent Day 21 Party Down with "Hava Nagila The Movie!"

With Passover approaching in less than three weeks, one may hear "Hava Nagila," a tune that usually inspires a party crowd. "Hava Nagila the Movie" is a documentary that reviews the history and cultual impact of the song.

Until "Hava Nagila" the history of Jewish music was full of prayful dirges. To combat repression in the Ukraine, the upbeat song, "Hava Nagila" emerged and has continued to inspire the exodus of the Jewish People. Narrated by Rusty Schwimmer, with Leonard Nimoy, Harry Belafonte, Glen Campbell and Connie Francis providing personal experiences, "Hava Nagila the Movie" is a lovely way to spend 75 minutes.