March 4th, 2013

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Lent Day 20 "Emperor" and the General

Set in Post Apocalyptic Japan circa 1945, **Emperor** reviews General Douglas MacArthur relationship with Emperor Hirohito. It is a fascinating story and similar to General Patton's relationship with former Nazis in Berlin when peace was declared. There is an old adage that says only warriors truly understand the true meaning of peace.

As played by Tommy Lee Jones, General MacArthur has all the bombast, arrogance and guile one has read about in history. MacArthur's meeting with Hirohito is touching with humor. But **Emperor** is really about MacArthur's assistant, General Bonner Fellows (Matthew Fox)'s investigation about Hirohito's war crimes regarding the bombing of Pearl Harbor. Told in flashbacks, we learn that General Fellows had unrequited romance with a Japanese native who was Ivy league educated.

**Emperor** is a sincere movie, but it could have been better. Instead of flashbacks, if the film took the time to visualize the story in cronological order, **Emperor** would have had more of an emotional impact.