March 3rd, 2013

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Lent Day 19 Cinema Dave interviewed Lena Olin & Lasse Hallstrom @ MiFF - XXX

At the "Miami International Film Festival XXX," Cinema Dave met and interviewed Lena Olin and ...

...and her husband, Lasse Hallstrom.

This husband and wife team are in town discussing "The Hypnotist" and their partnerships in award winning movies. Lasse discussed his latest production;

"The Hypnotist" was an opportunity do something I have never tried before."

"We jump at the opportunity of working together. Families working together is more common in Europe."

The word on the street is that Lena and Lasse are two nice people to interview. The couple lived up to expectations and are already on Cinema Dave's Class Acts List.
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Both were born in Sweden and currently in in New York. Having worked for Igmar Bergman, Lena talked about the differences between American and Swedish Cultures;

"Lasse and are were at a coffee house in Sweden. These six men were sitting and talking about their "feelings." Sometimes Swedish people stay in a bad situation and dwell on it. Americans tend to dust themselves off and move forward."

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Cinema Dave  Swashbuckling ournalist and

Lent Day 19 Happy 80th Birthday KONG ! ! !


Cinema Dave interviewed Fay Wray ten years ago at the 8th Annual Palm Beach International Film Festival.


Cinema Dave celebrated Kong's birthday five years ago and introduced "The Grandson of King Kong" to an audience.

King Kong's influence can be felt today, with two nominations for the Rondo Hatton Classic Horror Awards.
This is part of ""Evel Knievel on Skull Island: The Rescue of Ann Darrow"

and "Mighty Joe Young - Joe Comes to Life"

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