February 22nd, 2013

Cinema Dave  Swashbuckling ournalist and

Lent Day 10 "W." - Left Wing Propaganda still revealing paranoid flaws

Next Saturday, Cinema Dave will interview James Cromwell. Cinema Dave has begun reviewing his notes and reviewed "W.", in which Cromwell portrays George Bush the Elder.

Nearly five years after it's release, Oliver Stone's "W."
looks like a rejected Saturday Night Live sketch, for all the actors seem to be portraying cartoon characters and not real people. Josh Brolin has a constant smirk. Thandie Newton does her impression of Maya Rudolph doing her impression of Condalezza Rice. Richard Dreyfus is too limp wristed an actor to play Dick Cheney.

What's ironic - in the voice over commentary, Oliver Stone says that he has to separate the "voter" from the "dramatist." Actually, Stone's myopic vision never separates the fantasy from the reality in "W." Throw in the bonus feature - "Dangerous Dynasty - The Bush Family Legacy," which features partisan inteviews from John Dean, Ramsey Clark and Gore Vidal, one sees Oliver Stone's unbalanced agenda.

Given the hate mongering for President George Bush the Younger, Cinema Dave wonders if Hollywood will ever attempt to tell the truth about the Bush family. Will the Obamaholics find a way to erase this moment from the State of the Union Address, circa 2005? If the Democrats in Congress listened to President Bush instead of booing him, President Obama and the Senate would not be sweating so much today;