December 29th, 2012

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Harper & Cody seek "Parental Guidance" at Muvico Broward

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The sleeper hit of the holiday season, **Parental Guidance** is a Billy Crystal comedy in the vein of **The Cosby Show** and **Everybody Loves Raymond,** that is - family friendly. Crystal and Bette Midler portray the grandparents of three uptight children, (Bailee Madison, Joshua Rush, Kyle Harrison Brietkoptf) whose parents (Marisa Tomeii, Tom Everett Scott) are over worked neurotic messes.

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The comedy is broad and includes successful slapstick sequences. One of the funniest gags involves the 3 children's first taste of sugar with drunken results. Yet there is much heart with individual moments of personal pain. In particular is Joshua Rush's transitional performance as the son with a speech disorder.

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Bailee Madison and Maverick Moreno (He portrays "Cody," Bailee's first on-screen's love interest) attended a recent Friday night screening at Muvico Broward 18. It was a wonderful night with a big crowd that concluded with the community shooting a viral video.

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As one can see, one does not need to attend the Orange Bowl or fly to Hollywood to be entertained. One merely needs to get outside and visit local venues in our neighborhood to have a good and rewarding time.

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100 Years of "Tobacco Road"

When one steps out of the Men's Room at the House of Blues - Orlando, Robert Johnson stares back at you...


Yet some seventy years before the "House of Blues" came into being, South Florida's oldest bar & grill was born, "Tobacco Road."

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Did Robert Johnson ever walk through the doors of "Tobacco Road?"
Only the ghost of Doctor Feelgood could say...

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