October 5th, 2012

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"FrankenWeenie" good for kids, O.K. for Monster Mavens

With the Disney Hype and Tim Burton's return to roots, **FrankenWeenie** is a can't miss family movie in glorious black & white. With the Collector's Edition of **The Nightmare before Christmas,** Burton presented his first version of **FrankenWeenie,** a live action short subject starring Daniel Stern and Shelley Duvall.

As a short subject, **FrankenWeenie** was a delightful story about a lonely boy and his dog. Presenting the Mary Shelley narrative based upon James Whale Boris Karloff adaptation, **FrankenWeenie** features heartbreak that transforms itself to a life appreciation event. Dog lovers appreciate this short subject.

This new version of **FrankenWeenie** presents many of the key scenes from the short subject, but the scope is much broader. Perhaps too broad, for the grand finale presents an over the top ending that mashes the black & White James Whale Classic with the Japanese Giant Monster movies that spawned **Godzilla** and **Gamera.**