July 12th, 2012

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"Mirror/Mirror" is Julia Julia

With science fiction becoming a big thread in popular culture, San Diego Comic Con is much Summer Pasttime as Baseball, Hot Dogs and Pecan Pie. While predicting next summer's blockbuster hits, (**Iron Man 3,** **Pacific Rim**), Comic Con acknowledges the universe of **Star Trek and Wars,** **Marvel Comics** with ancient myths and legends. Last year, **Snow White** was the woman in the Spotlight.

A German oral tradition that was put to paper by Brothers Grimm, the retelling of **Snow White** usually involves these elements, 7 dwarves, a forbidden forest, a talkative mirror and an evil queen who wants to harm an inocent adolescent girl.

While the most iconic film has been Disney's **Snow White and the Seven Dwarves,** this young lady has worked steadily for sixty five years and met **The Three Stooges.** This year two **Snow White** flicks have been released, but the evil Queen stole both shows.

Julia Roberts looked into **Mirror Mirror** in her guise as the evil queen. Directed by Tarsem (**The Cell,** **The Fall**) Singh, **Mirror Mirror** contains spellbinding visual composition and a vivid color pallette. The emphasis is upon humor in this motion picture and Roberts exudes broad comedic villainy. Currently on **Mirror Mirror** is over the top, but fun.