June 5th, 2012

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"The Woman in Black" is classic goth

Despite Christopher Lee in a costarring role, Hammer's first return feature film, "The Resident," got off to a stumbling start. Based on Susan Hill's short novel, "The Woman in Black" is more of a representative film from Hammer's glory days.
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"Elena" not film noir, but film reality

From Russia with English subtitles, Elena (Nadezhda Markina) and Vladimir (Andrey Smirnov) are sixty year old spouses on their second marriage. While the two enjoy this symbiotic relationship, both individuals dislike their new step children. Vladimir's daughter has been estranged for many years and Elena's son is struggling to feed his own child.

When Vladimir falls ill, the family dynamic changes. Elena becomes concern about her future domestic life when Vladimir's daughter returns to visit her ill father.

Elena** is a Russian film with English subtitles that is oddly reflective of the South Florida senior culture. For those seeking a respite from high octane summer blockbusters, **Elena** is the slow paced film for you.
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"To the Arctic 3 D" is beautiful & violent

**To the Arctic 3D** presents the story of Mother Polar Bear's fight to protect her cubs from predators and global warming. The film is pure Darwin, it is about the survival of the fittest.

Narrated by Meryl Streep with musical accompanist from Sir Paul McCartney, **To the Arctic 3D** presents eye filling landscapes and waterfall on the IMAX 6 story screen. Yet for all of the beauty, the polar bears are presented as vicious beasts and are frequently show with blood on their white fur.

Which opens the door to Ridley Scott's long awaited **Prometheus.** For the first time in MODS IMAX history, an "R" motion picture will be screened at the MODS.
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"Men in Black3" is the second best of the series

**Marvel's The Avengers** remains the best motion picture of the year, despite the full court synergy of **Men in Black3** which opened last weekend with a 70 million dollar gross. The new **MiB3** is the second best movie of the trilogy, which is an easy thing to write about considering how limp **MiB2** was.

**MiB3** opens on a prison moon base. Boris aka "the Animal" (Jermaine Clement) escapes to settle a score with MiB Agent K (Tommy Lee Jones). Back in 1969, Agent K amputated Boris' arm as Apollo 11 prepared for blast off. Agent J ( Will Smith) is kept in the dark to this history, until Agent K disappears into thin air.

With the help of Agent O (Emma Thompson), Agent J time travels to 1969 to kill Boris and rescue Agent J. On the radio, Agent J drives big cars with fenders and listens to rock 'n roll on AM radio. He meets Andy Warhol (Bill Hader), who may be a MiB Agent. The **MiB3** plot meanders until the predictable climax during the Apollo 11 lift off.

After the predictable climax,***MiB3** contains a surprisingly emotional revelation that explains the relationship between Agents K & J. This one emotional scene makes up for all of the superficial action of **MiB2** and **MiB3** combined.

As the younger version of Agent K, Josh Brolin does a decent impression of Tommy Lee Jones. Will Smith takes center stage this time, but like a good ringmaster, he knows when to defer the spotlight to his supporting players.
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1986 "Aliens"

Seven years later, "Aliens" made the cover of "Time" magazine, featuring Sigourney Weaver on the cover again. Weaver's return performance as Lt. Ripley earn the actress an academy award nomination.

James Cameron directed this feature and placed an emphasis upon action adventure with fewer intense scary moments.
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2012 Ridley Scott's "Alien DNA" strain can be found in "Prometheus"

For most of his life, Director/Writer Guillermo Del Toro dreamed of adapting H.P. Lovecraft's novella, "At the Mountains of Madness." Del Toro came close a few years ago, but funding fell apart. After a screening of **Prometheus** a few weeks ago, Del Toro feels he no longer needs to produce his "Mountain of Madness."

**Prometheus** became the first motion picture to open at the Fort Lauderdale Museum of Discovery with an "R" rating. While lacking gratuious violence and sex, **Prometheus** features intense scenes that are personal and painful. This film also features good old fashion science fiction fun with interesting theories about origins, science and theology.

While spelunking in the caves of Scotland, Archaeologist Elizabeth Shaw (Noomi Rapace) connects the pictograph dots that are similar to the Egyptian, Mayan, Aztec and Sumerian Cultures. Using the technology of the late 21st century, Professor Shaw interprets these pictographs as road maps to the future.

She finds a sponsor in Peter Weyland (Guy Pearce), assembles a crew and blasts off on the spaceship "Prometheus." Four years later, the Prometheus crew land on an uncharted planet with an alien fortress.

Revealing more about the plot would be a disservice to the big screen experience. Suffice to say that reviewing the previous 4 **Alien,** 3**Predators** and 2 **Alien vs. Predator** movies will increase your viewing pleasure. A review of Lovecraft's novella and Erich von Däniken's drug store bestseller "Chariots of the Gods" will enhance comprehension of the deeper themes.

In a good way, **Prometheus** feels like older and more literature science fiction. After 33 years, director Ridley Scott returns to the same universe that he help create in **Alien.** What **Prometheus** lacks in narrative structure, Ridley Scott makes it up with visual clarity.

**The Amazing Spider-Man** takes over the IMAX screen on July 3. If you are seeking one of the most cerebral motion pictures of the summer, then see **Prometheus** before it departs the really big screen.