December 11th, 2011

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Cinema Dave meets Alice Cooper, Round 2 - What his kids are doing 2 years later

It has been years since my interview with Alice Cooper and his time has been productive, The Alice Cooper Band made the Rock 'n Roll Hall of Fame and **Welcome 2 My Nightmare** became his most successful album since the 1980s. Yet Vincent Furnier's (Alice's original name) most satisfying experience may be personal; especially regarding his daughter Sonora's acquisition of her driving license;

"She is one of the best drivers I've ever seen. In school she was the more timid kid, less aggressive of my three kids. She is now a freshman in college and drives herself to school"

Oldest daughter Calico is part of the ensemble comedy troupe **Groundlings** and is making a niche for herself in independent movies. His son Dashiell recently married a beautiful blond he met on the hockey rink; Dashiell hit a slap-shot and his future wife, Morgan, was the goalie.

(Video from the "Theater of Death" concert - October 2009)

Cinema Dave  Swashbuckling ournalist and

Round 2: Cinema Dave meets Alice Cooper Influences and Beatle Paul

Tonight, Alice and his band will be ending their "No More Mr. Nice Guy Tour" at the Seminole Hollywood Hard Rock. Like a good carnival barker, Alice exclaims;

"This is my best live band ever, we have Steve Hunter (Cooper band mate from the 1970s), Orianthi (from "American Idol" and Michael Jackson's last band) and the voice of Vincent Price opens the show."

The Vincent Price gesture reveals debt to the past;

"My generation, like Ozzie Osbourne and I, have a harder edge, but we were all taught by the Beatles. We had good teachers and we learned to incorporate melody lines."

Given how "Beatle-Like" Alice sounded in "The Congregation" ("Welcome 2 My Nightmare") and "Much Too Late" ("Dragontown"), Cinema Dave had to ask, did you ever considering a collaboration with Paul McCartney?

"That would be on my bucket list! When he was with "Wings" we shared a studio and I wrote a song titled "I am having a Heart Attack." We are both lyricists and Paul McCartney does not need an Alice Cooper."

As for a dream list of collaborators, Alice quickly named two,
"Burt Bacharach and Bob Dylan."

Thanks to some blackmail information, Cinema Dave felt that he could press the collaborator question with Alice. Thanks to Groucho Marx, Sir Paul and the Alice shared a bed together;

Cinema Dave  Swashbuckling ournalist and

Round 2: Cinema Dave meets Alice Cooper "The Master's Advice to Young Bands"


On the eve of my interview with Alice, the Grammy Award nominations were announced and **Welcome 2 My Nightmare** was snubbed. Cooper was not phased by this, but acknowledge the current culture of the music and radio business;

"Some of the nominations were boring and good songs are not getting played. Radio does not play what is good, but who is supposed to be the next big thing. An album like **Sargent Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band** would not get airplay today.

I feel sorry for young bands today, my advice would be- become the best live band around, learn melody and lyrics from the 70s bands."