October 24th, 2011

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FLiFF26 Dr. Limptooth

"Dr. Limptooth" is contemporary B-Monster Movies that feels like a mash between "Vamperific" and "Wayne's World" In this tribute viagra, "Dr. Limptooth** deals with flaccid vampire teeth,

Cinema Dave  Swashbuckling ournalist and

Hunter S. Thompson reunites with Johnny Depp in "The Rum Diary

Having portrayed Hunter S. Thompson in Terry Gilliam's **Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas,** (a box office bomb), Johnny Depp now crosses the line from reality to fantasy with **The Rum Diaries.** Written by Thompson in the 1950s, but not published until 1998 ( to coincide with the release of **Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas,**), **The Rum Diaries** is a fictional adaptation of Thompson’s escapades as a journalist in the Caribbean. **The Rum Diaries**is probably closer to the truth than Terry Gilliam’s bio pic.

Depp portrays Journalist Paul Kemp, a writer in search of his voice. Lotterman (Richard Jenkins) the editor hires Kemp to write the horoscopes for the only newspaper in Puerto Rico. Chaperoned by Sala (Michael Rispoli), Kemp uncovers the white collar corruption of Sanderson (Aaron Eckhart), the lure of Sanderson’s skinny dipping fiance (Amber Heard) and the call of the wild.