October 20th, 2011

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"Sholem Aleichem" sets the stage for the Urban 20th Century

Variety is the theme for this weekend’s movie openings, **Sholem Aleichem** is a spirited documentary about Jewish writer who came to American and helped define his culture. A contemporary of Chekhov or Gogol, Sholem Aleichem was a major influence upon Philip Roth and Woody Allen. The Tony/Oscar winning musical, **Fiddler on the Roof,** is based upon Sholem Aleichem’s stories about Old Europe.
Cinema Dave  Swashbuckling ournalist and

Beau Bridges visits FLiFF 26

This weekend formerly kicks off the **26th Annual Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival,** which moves the opening night gala to Saturday Night at the Signature Grand. Besides Penelope Ann Miller, Senator George McGovern and Dennis Haysbert, Beau Bridges has been recently added to this weekend’s festivities.

Beau Bridges will be screening **Don’t Fade Away** on Sunday at Cinema Paradiso. It is likely that Beau will discuss “the family business;” his brother is Jeff Bridges and his father is the late Lloyd Bridges. The family Bridges filmed the classic television show **Sea Hunt,** which included some filming in South Florida.

Beau portrayed the husband to **Norma Rae,** the film that garnered Sally Field her first Oscar. Jeff and Beau portrayed **The Fabulous Baker Boys** and attempted to woo Michelle Pfeiffer by tickling her ivories.

It is on television that Beau received his most critical praise, most notably earning the Emmy Award for portraying a historical figure in, **Without Warning - The James Brady Story.** Not one to stay typecast in a genre, Beau had a reoccurring role in **Stargate SG-1** and was the patriarch in **Harts of the West,** costarring Harley Jane Kozak.

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"Margin Call" is the back stage nightmare in Manhattan, circa 2008

**The Rum Diaries** is a fun ensemble piece with a great soundtrack and beautiful scenery. In contrast, **Margin Call** retains some of the “anti capitalist propaganda” themes, but sets the story in the urban jungle known as Wall Street.

Unlike Oliver Stone’s manic **Wall Street** movies, **Margin Call** contains a deliberate pace that explains how the stock market fell apart in the autumn of 2008. The story begins with the firing of Eric Dale (Stanley Tucci), who gives a flash drive to his former trainee Peter Sullivan (Zachary Quinto). While analyzing the data, Sullivan realizes that a financial time bomb has been lit. From this point forward, Sullivan follows the chain of command, beginning with his immediate supervisor (Kevin Spacey) and ending with the corporate editor (Jeremy Irons). **Margin Call** is a good serious movie that may be far more appropriate than some of the Halloween releases this weekend.