April 17th, 2011

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Lent Day 40 "ClockWork Hobo" presents "My Monster" in May

"My Monster" is an original work written by Bill Corbett
(writer for Rifftrax, and Mystery Science Theatre 3000)

Joseph Scrimshaw
(A veteran of the Minneapolis Fringe)
that will be staged for the first time at the Orlando Fringe.

The show is about a Screenwriter whose lecture unravels when the character he has created becomes both his nemesis and his conscience by taking on a life of his own. "My Monster" stars Philip Nolen (who was last seen at Fringe 15 years ago) and Will Hagaman (Crimes of the Heart, Garden Theatre) as the screenwriter and his creation respectively.

"My Monster" is directed by Meghan Moroney,
and produced by "ClockWork Hobo"

"ClockWork Hobo,"
whose ranks include Ms. Moroney, Ryan Gigliotti, and Jennifer Christa Palmer.
Blue Venue, 55 minute running time, $9. Dates and Times:
5/20 FRI 9:20PM
5/22 SUN 12:00PM
5/23 MON 7:50PM
5/25 WED 7:05PM
5/26 THU 11:55PM
5/27 FRI 8:35PM
5/29 SUN 2:45PM

Cinema Dave  Swashbuckling ournalist and

Lent Day 40 Zoe Adams RiP 1998 - 2011

Cinema Dave learned today that a close family friend, Zoe Adams, has passed away.

She was adopted by the Adams Family on Christmas, 1998. She traveled much in her early years, but under took the responsibility of guarding the Adams Mansion. She will be missed by any one who met her.

If there is any consolation, All dogs go to Heaven.

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Lent Day 40 DBFF closes

DBFF closes tonight.

What is the DBFF?
It used to be the Delray Beach Film Festival,
now it is known as the Downtown Boca Film Festival.

These pictures were taken at the "Script to Reel" at Mizner Park Cultural Arts Center.
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Palm Sunday - Sunday School with Franc D'Ambrosio

In the past month, Franc D’Ambrosio has worked in South Florida at least three occasions, between business trips to California, New York and the Midwest. Besides holding the record for being "The Phantom of the Opera" on stage longer than anybody, D‘Ambrosio portrayed Al Pacino and Diane Keaton’s son in "The Godfather Part III,” in which he sang the opera "Cavalleria Rusticana" and “Speak Softly Love,” the famed “Love Theme from **The Godfather.** When asked about a potential "Godfather IV," D’Ambrosio said;

“There has been discussions recently. I'd love to do it and will free myself from the concert schedule. Coppola is a genius.” 

While he admitted that the set was “tense” at times, D’Ambrosio stated that it was a thrilling experience;

“On my first day, I show up on the set and watched Al Pacino and Andy Garcia doing a scene.   Al is such a method actor, we were only Anthony and Dad. Even off the set, I called him Dad and he called me Anthony.”

After viewing **The Godfather Part III,” Luciano Pavarotti took interest in D’Ambrosio. D’Ambrosio became Pavarotti’s apprentice. This is a tradition that D’Ambrosio has continued by teaching **Master Voice Classes** worldwide, including a recent stop at the Broward Center for the Performing Arts.

For a nominal fee, D’Ambrosio listened to 6 singers, from age 15 to middle aged. With each student, the teacher got each student to relax. With each instruction, each student presented a stronger, authentic performance. When the class ended, D’Ambrosio stayed after school to work with additional students. This extra curricula activity modeled an important lesson;

“A performance is not about you, but giving to the audience. That is what the people want and it is my job to provide that experience.”

Like his mentor Pavarotti, D’Ambrosio taught more than vocal technique. Pavarotti once said;

“Franc, if you to have to stop living to sing, stop singing.”

D’Ambrosio stressed this point further;

“I spend little time with high maintenance people. Life off stage is full of adventure, not drama.  I stay with good friends and drink good wine. I don't get my mind get ahead of me and I am careful about sleep.”

Beyond success in movies, opera and Broadway, D’Ambrosio explained his motivation;
“When you do what you love to , it gives you energy. My Catholic faith is the center of my life, focusing on putting God first and nothing else...that's how I live to live for
happiness and peace.”

Sharon Brooks, Director of Education for the Broward Center for the Peforming Arts,
Franc D'Ambrosio