October 27th, 2010

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Rondo Hatton Watch: Don't miss Stefaniuk's "Suck" this Halloween Season!

Rob Stefaniuk is a young genius, he produced,wrote, directed and starred in "Suck." A direct to video release, "Suck" crosses the genres of horror, rock and comedy to create an entertaining motion picture.

Stefaniuk plays a bandleader of "The Winners," whose female singer has become a vampire. As she infects her bandmates, the loser band becomes more successful. As with any rock 'n roll flick, there is the devil at the crossroads and Stefaniuk must choose between gaining the world or losing one's soul.

Stefaniuk has surrounded himself with an amazing cast. Alice Cooper is the bartender who offers sage advice. Malcolm McDowell is Eddy Van Helsing, the vampire hunter who is afraid of the dark and Iggy Pop as a record producer.

Using stop motion animation and providing multiple references to classic monster movies, throw in a dab of the roots of rock 'n roll, one will find "Suck" to be an enjoyable enterprise.