August 21st, 2010

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Public Domain Horror Swamp Women

In "Big House USA," Broderick Crawford, Lon Chaney Jr. and Ralph Meeker lead a group of criminals out of prison in search of loot. In "Swamp Women," Marie Windsor, Beverly Garland and Carole Matthews lead the Nardo gang into the New Orleans swamp in search of diamonds.

There are plenty of montages featuring swamp creatures such as aligators and snakes. Two blondes of the Nardo game fist fight each other when resting at a camp site. The film also features the future "Mannix," (Mike Connnors) who gets abducted by the nardo Gang.

The best scene involves a greedy Swamp Woman (who happens to be an expert marksmen) hiding in a tree, waiting to get the drop on her former compatriots. Mike Connors (who is billed "Touch" Connors) is tied to the tree. Suddenly a rattlesnake appears....
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Public Domain Horror ? "The World Gone Mad"

Released in 1933 at the height of the Great Depression, "The World Gone Mad" opens with a shot of the Empire State Building. One is reminded what a remarkable acheivement this structure was and is. The first line of dialogue is from Louis Calhern, a man who made a career playing a financial heel. Calhern puts into motion a stock fraud scheme that involves J. Carroll Naish. Leave it to crusading news paper reporter Pat O'Brien to un cover the truth. Given the bank's meltdown in 2008, "The World Gone Mad" is rather timely.

"The World Gone Mad" is public domain, but it does not belong in a horror collection. This would be a movie that Count Floyd from SCTV, Second City Television, would make excuses for. Ooohh, scary stuff.
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Public Domain Horror "Little Shop of Horrors"

"Little Shop of Horrors" inspired an off broadway show, a Frank Oz directed Oscar Nominated Motion Picture. 14th billed Jack Nicholson is in one of his first motion pictures as a maschostic dental patient. "Little Shop of Horrors" is pure Roger Corman cult with manic energy personified by Jonathan Haze, a poor man's Jerry Lewis. Yet at 74 minutes, this film does take a long time to reach it's point, but not nearly as long as the musical remake.
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Public Domain Horror "Tormented"

Richard Carlson is "Tormented," in this Bert I. gordon production that features 3 Stooges regular Gene Roth in a small role. essentially a film noir ghost story, Carlson portrays a fiance that had another girl on the side. The other girl falls to her death and haunts the upcoming nupitials.

Released in 1960, "Tormented" is at the syntax of two decades. Carlson is a jazz pianist and his future father-in-law is prejudiced against musicians, hoping that his daughter would marry a man with a real job. There is a nice touch with a little girl who is Carlson's best friend, who makes the transition from innocence to horrid maturity.