April 22nd, 2010

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2002 Review ~ "Clockstoppers"

Plot wise, "Clockstoppers"" is Saturday matinee popcorn eating entertainment, yet the film’s creators have managed to create a sense of freshness as the narrative unfolds.  "Clockstoppers" does not take itself so seriously and therefore becomes more entertaining than the tribute to H.G. Welles.

Zak Gibbs (Jessie Bradford) lives in a nice all-American suburban community with a research scientist father (Robin Thomas) who neglects him.  Professor George Gibbs has invented a watch which controls hype time, a state of being that gives the average human the ability to freeze time and wander the world as an invisible person.

headed by the sinister Mr. Gates (Michael Biehn), governmental agents pursue this invention and violate dht eciviel rights of Professor Gibbs and his former researcher apprentice, Dr.Dopler (French Stewart).

since  losing his job on the television series "Third rock from the Sun,"   character actor Stewart steals the show as the goofy and victimized Dopler.  It is also fun to watch "Saturday Night Live" alumnus and cancer survivor Julia Sweeney make the most of there small role as Mother Gibbs.  The romantic leads, Jessie Bradford and Paula Garces, do an adequate job creating empathy for their stock characters.

The edge that "Clockstoppers" has over "The Time Machine" can be attributed to director Jonathan Frankes.  A veteran of the previous two "Star Trek the Next Generation" movies, Frankes has the experience to present complex scientific philosophy without getting bogged down with scientific jargon.

While "The Time machine" may please the academic crowd, "Clock stoppers" as the heart to be good family fare.
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Review 2002 "The Time Machine"

Understanding the concept of time can be maddening.  When you are a child, you want to be grown up faster.  When you are a grown-up, you do not want people to know your age.  While box office results have been less than stellar, the motion picture industry has released two motion pictures with 'time" as the theme.

""The Time Machine " is based on  the H.G. Wells classic 19th Century Novel of the same name and was directed by Simon Wells, the grandson of the author.  the realizable Guy Pearce portrays an inventor who after tragedy creates a time machine which allows him to jump through the figure without aging.  At fi8rst, the inventor is pleased with what he witnesses: a cyber librarian (Orlando Jones) and the colonization of the moon.  However, the technology goes unchecked causing society to revert back to a prehistorically time of savage conquest.

The primitives seem to have moved into the sets vacated by last year's "Planet of the Apes" homage.  the conclusion of "The Time Machine" also mimics last year's monkeyshines, the audience witnesses another primitive human society repressed by a punch of hairy simians.  While not a bad motion picture, "The Time Machines" suffers from a feeling of deja vu."
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The 15th Annual Palm Beach International Film Festival Begins!

While proof reading the galleys for my book **The Adventures of Cinema Dave,** it was a revelation to me how much the **Palm Beach International Film Festival** impacted my growth as a film columnist. It is with a touch of sadness that I write about the 15 Annual Palm Beach International Film Festival, rumored to be the last PBiFF. There may be no funding for the 16th Annual PBiFF. The budget is so constricted this year, there will be no screenings or events south of Delray Beach this year.

Doing more with less, the PBiFF core team has rolled up their sleeves to produce a 5 day weekend full of movies, parties and seminars about film financing. Relying on local a local Buddy, PBiFF, will honor Burt Reynolds for his contributions to the Florida Film making community.

A recent quintuple bypass surgery survivor, Reynolds will receive the
Lifetime Achievement Award. Since becoming a box office champion in the 1970s, Reynolds made it a point to bring business to South Florida with films like **Smokey and the Bandit** and the television show, **B.L. Stryker.** Reynolds also established an **Institute for Film & Theatre** at the **Burt Reynolds and Friends Museum.**

While Sandra Bullock won the Best Actress Oscar for **The Blind Side,** the focus of her character’s attention was on Quinton Aaron. Following in the footsteps of Adrien Brody, Shohreh Aghdashloo, Josh Hutcherson and AnnaSophia Robb, Aaron will be receiving the Horizon Award for career expectations. Besides his star making role in **The Blind Side,** Aaron has appeared on NBC’s **Law & Order: Special Victims Unit.**

Being an International event, PBiFF will open the festival with a screening of **Princess Ka’iulani,** a biography about the last Princess in Hawaii before statehood. This film stars Q'orianka Kilcher, another Horizon Award recipient for her work as Pocahontas in **The New World.**

From England, **Forget Me Not** makes it’s American Premier at PBiFF. A romantic caper, **Forget Me Not** takes place within a 24 hour time period and features character actress Gemma Jones.

Last, but not least, is **Immigration Tango,** a picturesque romantic comedy shot in Miami starring Carlos Leon and Elika Portnoy, who also wrote and produced the film. The emphasis is on humor, a little skinny dipping and upbeat musical score by Play for Rain.

Tickets for all movies are regular theatre admission (may differ by theatre) and can be purchased at each theater’s box office, or in advance at www.pbifilmfest.org or www.brownpaperticket.com.

A complete list of films and special events is available on the festival web site at www.pbifilmfest.org. call 561-362-0003 to purchase tickets for all special events.