January 1st, 2010

Cinema Dave  Swashbuckling ournalist and

G'Bye Bobby, we had some great adventures together

So Bobby Bowden coaches his last name as a Florida State Seminole, the Big Chief is putting his golden arrows into his garnet quiver. Like President Ronald Reagan, Coach Bobby Bowden walked into a bad situation and improved things for the better. Like any great leaders that we take for granted, the person becomes a victim of their own success. Yet when these men left office, they left office with class, style, dignity and retaining a sense of humor.

Here is Cinema Dave's favorite Seminole memory,
my friend Jan Herma got me into the End Zone where EVERYTHING happened.
If you listen carefully during the Nebraska Cornhusker's last field goal attempt,
you might hear the voice of Cinema Dave shout, "WIDE LEFT!!!!"

Jan Herma is gone and Bobby Bowden is leaving, but this great memory will live on forever.
Cinema Dave  Swashbuckling ournalist and

What Bowden Wrought???

Coach Bobby Bowden took a sleepy town and put it on the international map. When in Italy, Cinema Dave noticed baseball caps that had the Seminole logo on them.

Doak Campbell Stadium was a traditional iron bleacher edifice. During Bowden's tenure, the stadium grew into the largest brick structure in the world. Of course, the stadium is not just a stadium, it is a fully functional administration center and classroom.
Among the class rooms, is the FSU Film School.

Cindy Morgan attended the FSU Film School 20 Gala and connected with her "Caddyshack" editor, Bill Carruth. Carruth is currently an instructor. Morgan and Carruth are seen with FSU students; Samantha Polan, Matt Sklar and Benjamin Verhulst.