July 26th, 2009

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This "Shrink" is not tightly wrapped.

Formerly known as the city of angels, Los Angeles sold it's soul in the 20th century. Formerly considered a paradise, the image of Los Angeles has become a beacon for shallow people with self destruction tendencies. Cut off from a culture of family and friends, it seems as if these southern California individuals can only find solace with their counselors or psychiatrists. With all this soul eating corruption permeating the culture, **Shrink** is a movie that looks at how one medical mental doctor (Keven Spacey) gets seduced into the lifestyle of decadence.

Dr. Henry Carter (Spacey) is the **Shrink** of celebrities and power brokers of Hollywood. Like Frasier Crane, Dr. Carter is good at his profession, but his personal life is a shambles. In his spare time, Dr. Carter smokes a lot of weed and self medicates himself. Dr. Carter's actions occur while he is treating a rock star for substance abuse problems, an aging starlet (Sapphron Burrows), an obsessive agent (Dallas Roberts) and a young screen writer (Mark Webber). Fearing for his son's life, Dr. Carter's father (Robert Loggia) prescribes a solution for his son - more work. On a pro bono basis, Dr. Carter accepts the case of Gemma (Keke Palmer), an African American girl whose mother recently died.

The real problems of Gemma conflicts with the self inflicted injuries that Dr. Carter and his high profile clients. This is the core conflict with **Shrink,** a ready made vehicle for an actor like Kevin Spacey. Spacey knows that he is the ringmaster of **Shrink,** yet he allows actors such as Robin Williams(a fine cameo) to dominant a dramatic scene. **Shrink*** has several grandstanding moments for ensemble of actors, but screenplay does become contrived as the film reaches it's climax.
Cinema Dave  Swashbuckling ournalist and

New Dishonree for the "Cheap Tin Soldiers: The Dictators" by Jim McNalis.

At last the reclusive, benevolent and sensitive father of his country has come out of isolation riding atop his big DIC (Defensive Inter Continental) missile.

He had not been seen for awhile and was rumored to have been sulking because of the unfair treatment he has received from the rest of the civilized world for simply playing with his new toys and providing his children (people of North Korea) with a stimulating sky show by demonstrating the power and majesty of his DIC.

“Other countries threaten me because they are jealous of my toys”, he said. “Well I don’t care, I don’t need them. I will just go to Burma and share them with my new friends”, he said. According to Menta Lee Il, his new friend General Than Shwe has told him he would be happy to have a DIC of any size.

*Menta Lee IL is the latest creation in the series, "Cheap Tin Soldiers: The Dictators" by Jim McNalis. All sculptures are fashioned in clay. Clay is dirt. How appropriate.