May 27th, 2009

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Rare Dali Graphic Prints To Be Displayed & Auctioned at Gateway 4

Jerry and Brenda Bengis, internationally recognized collectors and authorities on Salvador Dali will make a special appearance at Sunrise Cinemas Gateway 4 on Friday, June 5, opening night of the new film LITTLE ASHES. Starring Robert Pattinson (Twightlight) as artist Salvador Dali, and Javier Beltran as poet and playwrite Federico Garcia Lorca, LITTLE ASHES tells the story of the relationship between two of our most treasured artists during the repression and political unrest of pre-Spanish Civil War.

The evening begins at 6:00pm . Original works on paper, by Dali, will be displayed in the theatre lobby. Movie goers will have the opportunity to talk with Jerrry and Brenda about the art and will have the opportunity to purchase a piece through a silent auction with a percentage of the purchase to be donated to the buyer’s charity of choice. In addition, a private dinner with the Bengis’ and tour of one of the finest Dali collections of graphics in the country will also be auctioned.

Additionally, Jerry will be on hand after the 7:30 p.m. showing of LITTLE ASHES to discuss the artist, and his personal knowledge of Dali and of the film with the audience.

Ticket price is the regular movie admission price at Sunrise Cinemas Gateway 4; $9 general admission, $7.50 for seniors.

Sunrise Cinema Gateway 4 is located at 1820 East Sunrise Blvd, Fort Lauderdale. For directions and show times please visit
Cinema Dave  Swashbuckling ournalist and

About Jerry & Brenda Bengis

For more than 30 years Jerry and Brenda Bengis have been acquiring art and have a collection that includes over 1,000 fine art prints by contemporary and modern masters. The Bengis’ library of catalogue raisonnés includes the work of Salvador Dali, Pablo Picasso, Marc Chagall, Joan Miro, Wifredo Lam, Roberto Matta, Andy Warhol, Leroy Neiman, and Roy Lichtenstein and others.

Jerry is frequently asked to appraise works by Dali and other artists and has examined and or appraised over 10,000 prints. In October, 2004, Jerry Bengis appraised artwork for the estate of Albert Field, archivist and author of The Official Catalogue of the Graphic Works of Salvador Dali. This collection was donated to the Salvador Dali Museum in St. Petersburg, Florida. In 2006 Jerry curated a Salvador Dali show at the Coral Springs Museum of Art which included pieces from the Bengis Collection and The Dali Museum in St. Petersburg, Florida.

Jerry Bengis has been an accredited member of the International Society of Appraisers for 20 years. Brenda Bengis is an attorney with a private practice in Coral Springs, president and owner of Bengis Fine Art Gallery and an avid collector of contemporary art.

About the film, LITTLE ASHES
LITTLE ASHES a drama set in the midst of the repression and political unrest of pre-Spanish Civil War was also a time that gave birth to a generation of young artists. The story follows eccentric artist Salvador Dalí, renowned poet and revolutionary Federico García Lorca and Luis Bunell when they met while attending Residencia de Estudiantes. The three become a formidable trio, the most ultra-modern group in Madrid. Although Dali and Buñuel would later go on to work on the film Un Chien Andalou together, it was García Lorca with whom Dali was exceptionally close. Together, Dali and Garcia Lorca find their artistic and sexual freedom in each other and form a bond challenged by their fierce ambitions, the struggle between a love for Spain and a love for each other.
Rated R.