May 5th, 2009

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RiP Dom DeLuise

My first recollection of Dom DeLuise was from "The Twelve Chairs," which costarred Ron Moody and Frank Langella. DeLuise played a crazed holy man who pursued a treasure in one of the 12 chairs.

He seemed to make movies to please either Mel Brooks or Burt Reynolds. DeLuise was a regular on television and was involved in some great food fights on "The Tonight Show" starring Johnny Carson.

Food was a passion for Mr. DeLuise.
His website - - would send e-mail subscribers food recipes.

Dom DeLuise had not been a member of the pop culture for a long time. However when the news of his passing hit the street, many individuals felt loss. Yet on the front page of Dom DeLuise provides a great epitaph;

"It's easy to mourn his death, but easier to remember a time when he made you laugh."