March 4th, 2009

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LENT Day 8 Requests Nominations for Annual Moretti Award

The Cultural Foundation of Broward is requesting nominations for the annual Moretti Award, which recognizes outstanding artistic achievement by an individual or group in any creative discipline of the arts. The deadline for the nomination submission has been extended to March 15, 2009.

The criteria for the award nominations are as follows: members of the artistic community that demonstrate extraordinary talent and dedication to a specific artistic discipline; and the artistic discipline must be presented or produced in Broward County.

Created in the early 1980s the coveted, gold-plated, bronze award was designed by abstract sculptor Henry E. Moretti. Born and raised in France, Moretti studied architecture and city planning at the University of Paris. After working in New York City as a design consultant for ten years, he made Fort Lauderdale his home. In the late 1960s Moretti delved into the world of art and received numerous awards, and exhibited throughout the state of Florida in both one man and group exhibitions. His work is also part of many public and private collections.

Moretti Award

Past recipients include concert impresario Judy Drucker, architect Margi Glavovic-Nothard; Gold Coast Jazz Founder Frederick Ruffner, conductor James Judd, visual artist Tin Ly, and arts organizations such as the Museum of Art ׀ Fort Lauderdale; The Florida Youth Orchestra; the Miami City Ballet; curator of the Old Dillard Museum in Fort Lauderdale and the President and Founder of Ancestral Legacies, Inc., Ernestine Ray.

Please find Cultural Foundation of Broward Moretti Award Nomination Guidelines and Nomination Forms on the Broward Cultural Division website at, or call 954-357-7457 for further information.
Cinema Dave  Swashbuckling ournalist and

Lent ~ Quiet Waters Park Ren Fest Joust & Duel

The Mouth of the South introduces the Joust & the Duel!

The Joust for the Renaissance Festival at Quiet Waters Park in Deerfield Beach, Florida. Where are Basil Rathbone and Errol Flynn when we need them?

Given the colors of their kingdom, perhaps this was a rematch of the recent Superbowl between The Pittsburgh Steelers and the Arizona Cardinals?

A fight to the doom!!! This short fight comes complete with a drum score.

This two minute fight comes complete with a drum score, notice the blood letting worthy of Sam Peckinpah, Terry Gilliam and Monty Phython. Listen carefully for the mouth of the south saying, "He's Not Dead Yet!"

Produced and Directed by Sir Cinema Dave, Knight errand....

The Mouth of the South was portrayed by Princess Rachel Galvin.