November 20th, 2008

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Disney & IMAX - a business marriage that may secure the future of the motion picture industry

(Dow Jones)--After a lull in film deals between Walt Disney Co. (DIS)
and Imax Corp. (IMAX), the two companies have rekindled their relationship with
the signing of a five-picture pact.

The first film to be released under the
pact will be "A Christmas Carol" in November 2009, starring Jim Carrey. The
film is directed by Robert Zemeckis, who helmed two previous titles released
in Imax - "The Polar Express" and "Beowulf." "We think this is a significant
development for Imax," co-Chief Executive Richard Gelfond told Dow Jones.
"Almost every other studio is releasing product (in Imax) and Disney clearly
is one of the best studios in terms of creating franchise-type blockbuster
films." Disney has a long history with Imax that dates back to Fantasia
2000, released exclusively in the Imax network for four months before opening
in conventional theaters. Its success spurred the re-release of animated
features "Beauty and the Beast" and "The Lion King" in Imax as well
(Dow Jones Newswires 12:55 PM ET 11/19/2008)
Cinema Dave  Swashbuckling ournalist and

Write the Ackermonster

In case you did not hear, Forry Ackerman is in bad shape.
I never met him, but my name is in Issue#105 in Famous Monsters of Filmland. Here is the news release and link -

Forry used to encourage his "Famous Monsters of Filmland" readers to write celebrities like Lon Chaney Junior when they were ill (FMF - #99), perhaps we could do the same thing for Forry.

Here is a mailing address;
4511 Russell Avenue
Los Angeles, CA